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​Ultimate Ears: For almost 20 years, Ultimate Ears has been the go to in-ear monitor (IEM) for the world's top touring musicians. Each pair is handcrafted, precision-tuned and molded to custom fit the unique contours of the musician's ear, isolating it from any external noise.

​Void Acoustics: Void Acoustics designs, manufactures and distributes advanced professional audio systems for the installed and live sound market sectors. The company offers an evolved series of audio solutions that encompass loudspeaker systems, power amplifiers, control electronics and accessories. Void’s commitment to R&D is second to none. Its highly skilled and experienced engineers have successfully united pioneering technologies with ground-breaking design aesthetics, earning Void a worldwide reputation for high impact products that combine sonic and visual innovation.

​Point Source Audio: Manufactures extremely robust, pristine audio quality miniature microphones. Flexibles, water, sweat and makeup resistant, they are available in 3 versions: Lavalier, Headset and Earset, they are the ideal solution for theater, TV, MCs, and any other application where first class audio quality is required from a small, unobtrusive transducer.

​Symetrix: A brand with long and proud analog processing heritage, nowadays positions itself on the lead of DSP based processors, whether open or closed architecture, with class leading functionality, pristine audio quality, versatility and ease of programming. Their network connected devices utilize industry standard DANTE protocol, which makes them compatible with myriad of devices  that use this communication protocol that has converted in an industry de Facto standard in the past few years.

Gator Cases: Founded in 2000 by father-daughter team Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris in Tampa, Florida. Initially, they launched with a small offering of molded plastic guitar cases at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tennessee. From there, they expanded the product line to include case and bag solutions for pro audio, IT, audio visual, general utility, band instrument, and percussion. The line now consists of over 1000 different solutions that are made from vacuum-formed plastics, rotational-molded plastics, wood, sewn, and EVA materials.

​​Digigram: Broadcast industry standard computer audio interface cards. Also manufactures advanced audio network interfaces

​Unisson Structures: Canadian leader in Aluminum structures manufacturing. Recently purchased ARCOFAB, the second biggest manufacturer in Canada, to consolidate their #1 position. In its catalog we find models 100% compatible with industry standard brands at competitive costs. Also has a roof and structures rental division which has the world’s biggest touring roof.

Earthworks: Founded by the legendary David Blackmer (inventor of the VCA and DBX founder), they manufacture high resolution microphones, with extended flat frequency response, impulse response with no equal in the market and almost perfect polar patterns. Its Piano, Choir, Podium, Vocal, Instruments and Measurement microphones are sought after by the cream of the crop among audio engineers, having a reputation of industry's highest fidelity and exceptional durability. They also manufacture Mic preamps which are extremely popular for their transparency and absolute absence of distortion.