​AtteroTech: Manufacturer of class leading in/out ramps between analog and Dante/Cobranet digital audio network protocols, they are perfect to cost effectively expand your audio network, avoiding the need for lengthy analog wiring with its signal degrading issues. 

​Ultimate Ears: For almost 20 years, Ultimate Ears has been the go to in-ear monitor (IEM) for the world's top touring musicians. Each pair is handcrafted, precision-tuned and molded to custom fit the unique contours of the musician's ear, isolating it from any external noise.

​Symetrix: A brand with long and proud analog processing heritage, nowadays positions itself on the lead of DSP based processors, whether open or closed architecture, with class leading functionality, pristine audio quality, versatility and ease of programming. Their network connected devices utilize industry standard DANTE protocol, which makes them compatible with myriad of devices  that use this communication protocol that has converted in an industry de Facto standard in the past few years.

​Martin Audio: The most innovative Loudspeaker manufacturer in the world, Martin Audio, with more than 40 years in the market, is shattering existing line array’s paradigms with their MLA series, moving into the XXI century with extremely uniform coverage patterns and unprecedented control over where you put your audio and where you don’t that fulfills the offered but never achieved Line array promise. It is without question the most advanced loudspeaker engineering company in the world, with innovative and scalable solutions for every situation.

​XTA: One of the leading DSP based loudspeaker system controllers brand, XTA offers  a complete and flexible toolbox and the best possible audio quality, avoiding signal degradation at a critical point in the chain. It also manufactures Active signal splitters and  high end analog graphic equalizers.  Recently developed together with sister company MC2 a 4 channel amplification platform with built in XTA DSP which allows you to solve all your amplification and processing challenges efficiently.

​Point Source Audio: Manufactures extremely robust, pristine audio quality miniature microphones. Flexibles, water, sweat and makeup resistant, they are available in 3 versions: Lavalier, Headset and Earset, they are the ideal solution for theater, TV, MCs, and any other application where first class audio quality is required from a small, unobtrusive transducer.

​Unisson Structures: Canadian leader in Aluminum structures manufacturing. Recently purchased ARCOFAB, the second biggest manufacturer in Canada, to consolidate their #1 position. In its catalog we find models 100% compatible with industry standard brands at competitive costs. Also has a roof and structures rental division which has the world’s biggest touring roof.

​MC2 Audio: British amplifiers manufacturer serving the install and touring industry with exceptional sounding, high performance product ranges.

​TiMax: Makers of matrix mixers with advanced image control for theaters and other applications. Up to 64 In 64 Outs on a single chassis. Further expandability by linking units.  Also manufactures a HDD based recorder with multiple outputs, capable of reproducing different tracks on different zones. Ideal and cost effective for museums, galleries, Mass transport centers, and many more applications.

​Outboard: Low and High voltage high quality motor controllers, Up to 12 Motors on a single controller. 

​Gear Box Pro: Connectivity solutions for the install and touring business. From Rack AC and Speakon panels, to Socapex to Speakon and Powercon, modular panels and Speakon matrixes, everything made out of Stainless steel and/or Aluminum extrusions, with rigging points and 100% robust construction.

With customers like Cirque du Soleil, Carnival Cruises, PRG, Electro Voice, RAT Sound, Sennheiser USA, Linkin Park and Tony Bennett among others, the industry in general acknowledges its technical superiority and reliability

​Milos Structures: World leader in mobile structures, staging, roofs, ramps, mass control aluminum barricades and special projects. Currently part of the biggest aluminum structures manufacturer group in the world, with offices around the globe, their quality and support are second to none. Milos offers 2 conexion styles for their structural trusses: Conical (CONNIC) and Fork (FORK)

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Earthworks: Founded by the legendary David Blackmer (inventor of the VCA and DBX founder), they manufacture high resolution microphones, with extended flat frequency response, impulse response with no equal in the market and almost perfect polar patterns. Its Piano, Choir, Podium, Vocal, Instruments and Measurement microphones are sought after by the cream of the crop among audio engineers, having a reputation of industry's highest fidelity and exceptional durability. They also manufacture Mic preamps which are extremely popular for their transparency and absolute absence of distortion.

​​Digigram: Broadcast industry standard computer audio interface cards. Also manufactures advanced audio network interfaces